Modern Alchemy is now accepting Wholesale applications!  

Concentrated Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a must for every Health Food Store, Organic Grocer, Health and Beauty Retailer, really any business that promotes all natural, chemical free and healthy living.

We vet each submission to ensure that your business aligns with our mission and philosophy.  We are limiting the amount of wholesalers in each geographic location so every wholesaler can achieve the best possible sales.

At this time we are only offering Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Castile Soap (excluding foamers). 

Wholesale orders do not qualify for free shipping or discount codes.

Modern Alchemy products cannot be sold on Amazon, Ebay, Esty, Facebook or any other online marketplace.

Please complete the form, all fields are required, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

We look forward to our mutual success!