About us

At Modern Alchemy we believe simple is better.  We are proud to offer all natural, multipurpose products that you can feel good about using.  

You don’t need to have a cabinet full of toxic chemicals that specialize in cleaning a single item.  Cleaning your home should not leave chemical residues behind that are harmful to your family and the planet.  Even some “natural” brands of cleaning products are full of chemicals that you can’t pronounce.  Let’s face it we are cleaning our homes and ourselves with poison.

Modern Alchemy products use only honest to goodness, all natural ingredients.  Our Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is simply H2O2, water with an extra molecule of oxygen that gives it it’s disinfecting power.  It’s much safer to use than bleach and leaves no odor or residue.  And it’s super concentrated, one quart makes almost six gallons of disinfectant.  Our Castile Soap is completely plant based and our Essential Oils are pure and unadulterated.  All of these products can safely be used in DIY solutions for personal care and home cleaning.

Modern Alchemy is also trying to make online Hydrogen Peroxide sales transparent.  There are too many companies out there duping the public by not shipping the concentrations they advertise.  Visit our blog page and Youtube channel for more information on this frightening topic.

At Modern Alchemy we will never sell anything that we don’t actually use ourselves.  We are a woman owned, family run business sharing the products we love with you.