2-8oz bottles of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide by Modern Alchemy

2 - 8 oz Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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2- 8 oz Bottles  Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 17.5%

No additives or stabilizers.  Pure Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. 

No home should be without it.  

A strong disinfectant recommended by the CDC, EPA, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and more.  It is widely used for disinfecting hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, restaurants and food processing plants.  Unlike harsh chemicals, it leaves behind no toxic fumes or harmful residue.  

Other uses include: mouthwash, wound cleaning, seed sprouting, fruit and veggie cleaning, the “One Minute Cure” protocol and more!

Must be diluted prior to use!  Instructions are included.  Most applications require a 3% solution.

Everything you've heard says you should only use 35% so why are we offering 17.5%?  The answer is simple - shipping cost.  35% MUST be shipped HAZMAT.  This adds $28.00 to every box shipped!  That is in addition to the regular cost of shipping.  Nobody wants to pay that much.

To avoid the HAZMAT fees most of the online sellers that claim to offer 35% are shipping unknown lower concentrations. You the consumer have no way of knowing what you actually receive.  In fact, if you receive H2O2 via USPS Priority Mail you actually have 8%!  Anything stronger cannot be shipped Priority Mail.  

Read our Blog post "The Truth About 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on the Internet" where we expose the dirty secrets of the Hydrogen Peroxide industry.

You can use 17.5% for anything you would use 35% for. Simply use half the amount of water when diluting.

Know what you are getting, Modern Alchemy

Pure. Honest. Real. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.


IMPORTANT:  All of our Hydrogen Peroxide is shipped via UPS.  UPS will not deliver to a PO Box.  Please provide a shipping address that is not a United States Post Office.