Castile Soap

500 years ago Castile soap came to be in the region of Castile, Spain.  It’s recipe originated 500 years before that in Syria and was traditionally made from olive oil. Today, many manufacturers use the name Castile for any soaps made from vegetable oils.

Most of the popular brands of Castile Soap use mostly Coconut Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, which are much cheaper than Olive Oil. While it does make a pretty good soap, it doesn’t compare to traditional olive oil soap.

Modern Alchemy uses mostly Olive Oil along with a blend of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Kukui Oil. These superior ingredients provide a luxurious feel and richer lather while rinsing clean. It is an excellent choice for body wash, shampoo and many household cleaning uses.

Castile Soap uses are endless. The only soap you need for all of your personal care and home cleaning.

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