The Truth about Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on the Internet Part I

The Internet is flooded with false information on Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Crooked sellers are getting rich by exploiting the fact that most consumers don't know enough about Food Grade H2O2 to spot the scams. 

On a recent Google search I could not find any sellers offering genuine 35%  in consumer quantities (1 gallon or less) on the first 5 pages!  Wow!  Just imagine how many people are being scammed.

 Amazon changed their policy in April of 2018 making 12% the highest concentration you can purchase on their platform. eBay hasn't allowed sales over 12% in years.

Below are three ways you can tell if you have received 35% or have been scammed.

1) Ask for a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS, or SDS).  This sheet gives all the specifics of the chemical.  Any reputable supplier will have no problem giving you one.   If they refuse or give you the run- around, they have something to hide!

2) Ask how it is shipped.  35% must be shipped in accordance with The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA).  The boxes will be clearly marked as Hazardous Material and will have accompanying paperwork  These are government regulations that must be followed.  35% can never be shipped by the United States Postal Service.  USPS will NEVER transport 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.  If it arrives by any method other than Hazmat, then it is not 35%.

3)  Put it in the freezer.  35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide will not freeze in your home freezer.  35% Hydrogen Peroxide freezes at -27 degrees Fahrenheit (-33 Celsius).  Your home freezer simply cannot get that cold.  By the way, this information is right on the Material Safety Data Sheet.