35% vs 17.5% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide

I've been using food grade hydrogen peroxide for years, thanks to Grandma's advice.  But recently its been  getting harder and harder to find 35% food grade.

Sadly, there are many online retailers claiming to sell 35% when in fact they are actually selling far lower percentages. Or even worse, adding dangerous stabilizing chemicals to their diluted product. If you are not accustomed to using 35% chances are you won't know the difference.  

Truth be told you do not really need 35%.  There is no household or individual use for full strength 35% hydrogen peroxide (aside from treating swimming pools).  It must always be diluted before use.

Secondly, it is very expensive to ship. It is deemed a hazardous material by the Department of Transportation.  Hazmat shipping adds around $30 per package.  Shipping time can also take longer than regular ground transport because of the limited quantities carriers are allowed to transport.

You should also be aware of how dangerous 35% really is.  It is a corrosive, strong oxidizer.  It can easily damage clothing and furniture and cause bodily injury if proper precautions are not followed.

What's the solution to this?  Modern Alchemy!  We purchase 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and dilute it to 17.5% with pure distilled water. So you get all the benefits of 35% without the danger and expense.  Most importantly you know exactly what you are buying.  We guarantee our products are exactly what we say they are.